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The word Gelato translated means Italian style ice-cream.

Our Gelato is home made according to our 100 year old family recipe using only the freshest full cream milk and cream. Only natural flavours are added to our Gelato, resulting in various shades of white. No eggs or animal gelatin is used in our Sorbetto or Gelato.

The Sorbetto is made from fruit pulp or fruit juice and sugars, no vegetable fat or dairy product is added so it is lactose and fat free.

General Allergens: lactose, sucrose sugar, nuts are used in certain flavours of gelato.

Gelato Scoops: Our scoop cabinet can hold a maximum of sixteen flavours at any given time, but the flavours are rotated so that there is always something new to taste. There are seven Sorbetto flavours and twenty one Gelato flavours in total. The scoop sizes vary from Bambino (small scoop), Adulto (medium scoop), Doppio (two medium scoops), Triplo (three scoops) and Tutti Gusti (five smaller scoops of different flavours). The Gelato can be served either on a sugar cone or in a bowl.

Waffles: freshly baked waffle served with your choice of Gelato flavours or cream. Bambino waffle has only one scoop of gelato, an adult waffle has a choice of four scoops.

Milk Shakes: All our shakes are made from the full cream Gelato flavours that are in the scoop cabinet at the time. Sorry no strange flavours such as bubble gum. Sooo not !

Specialty Gelato:

Affogato - The meaning of the word is drowned, so you literally pour your shot of espresso coffee over your adult scoop of Gelato and start eating. You can choose any of the full cream flavours that are available in the Gelato scoop cabinet.

Steak and egg Gelato - (Picture on the left) This is not steak or egg flavored Gelato, it is made to look like a grilled steak and a sunny side up fried egg. This is not very "beeg" in Josi but in Italy I has been around for many decades in all shapes imaginable.


Take away one liter tubs: All the flavours of Gelato and Sorbetto are stocked in the freezer so that if you are having a craving you can satisfy it at home on a daily basis.

Gelato Cakes: The Gelato cakes are made in two layers with vanilla on top and decadent chocolate Gelato at the bottom. They can have the standard decoration which is cream icing rosettes or we can print a picture of your choice onto rice paper and then transfer it onto the cake. We have a selection of pictures that you can choose from or supply your own, the rice paper printing does cost more than the standard decoration.

Cake sizes are:



size Number of portions Decor
8 cm Square 20 x 20 cm 20 standard
8 cm Square 25 x 25 cm 25-30 standard
8 cm Square 30 x 30 cm 45 standard
8 cm Square 35 x 35 cm 68 standard

Portioning: The square cake can be divided into portions using a strong knife. Divide the cake into ten centimeter wide portions as many as the cake size will allow, from there you can start cutting one centimeter slices. This will give you the number of portions stated above. i.e. one portion = 1 cm thick x 8 cm high x 10 cm long.


Please note that the ice cream cake must be kept in its card box and in the freezer at all times. Approximately ten minutes prior to serving remove the cake from the freezer and place into a refrigerator, this will allow the cake to thaw out sufficiently without melting. If the cake has not thawed sufficiently, replace it into the refrigerator for a further five minutes. Do not leave the cake at ambient temperature to thaw out, it will only melt the exterior and inside it will be rock hard.


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Last modified: 09-Feb-2010