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Coffee and Hot Drinks

Only the finest Fantini Coffee that is roasted in Rome Italy will qualify for our customers, it has a rich full flavour with no bitter after taste.

  • Cappuccino

  • Jumbo Cappuccino

  • Caffé Latte

  • Caffé Nero (Single or Double Espresso lengthened with hot water)

  • Espresso Ristretto

  • Double Espresso

  • Espresso Macchiato

  • Choccachino

  • Decaffeinated Coffee on any variation

  • Flavoured Latte

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Milo

  • Horlicks

  • Tea - Ceylon or Rooibos

  • Herbal Tea


  • Iced Coffee (cold Espresso unsweetened with ice)

  • Trieste Ice Caffé ( cold Espresso, scoop of vanilla Gelato, topped of with cream.)

  • Smoothie/ Freezochino ( blended ice and flavouring)

  • Milkshakes ( made from the full cream Gelato flavours in scoop cabinet.)

  • Range of imported Italian cooldrinks, mineral water and fruit pulps.

  • General soda drinks.

  • Lipton ice tea

  • Vitaminwater


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Last modified: 09-Feb-2010